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Our latest Musician Spotlight is on a 10 year old Musician from Nova Scotia, Canada. This young girl we are featuring is Makayla Lynn from Canada. Makayla is a a very talented singer/songwriter that we are pleased to announce to our readers.

Makayla Lynn is a 10 year old singer/songwriter and guitarist from Nova Scotia, Canada. She may be young, but don’t let that fool you, Makayla Lynn has had more musical experience than most adults only dream of. She is a little girl with no fear, an unbelievable talent, and huge dreams so she has a pretty unstoppable future.

“Writing with a maturity far beyond her years, this 10 year old singer / songwriter will leave you feeling cheerful, inspired and just simply amazed as you get drawn in by the angelic voice of youth.” is just one of many ways Makayla has been described in local papers. In June she recorded her debut c.d. “I’ll Just Keep Being Me” that consisted of 6 original songs. Not only did she write both the music and lyrics for all the songs, but also recorded both the vocals and vocal harmonies. Of all the songs she wrote, the one that is most well known is called “The Joke’s On You”.It has become somewhat of an “anti-bullying anthem”. It is being played as part of the curriculum in schools as far away as Australia and Japan. The outpouring of support for this song has been unbelievable. In the last year she has been featured on more than a dozen news stations that ran stories about her from one end of Canada to the other. She has had articles written about her in papers all around the world. Because of all her hard work fighting against bullying, she was recognized by the premiere of Nova Scotia. Makayla Lynn was named the recipient of The Power Of Positive Change Scholarship which was awarded to a student who has made a difference in their school or community. She has since penned over 10 new songs that are just waiting to be recorded on c.d. #2 in the spring.

The last few years have been incredibly busy. Makayla has gotten to sing in some of the most amazing places and has been lucky enough to meet incredible people. In July 2011 she was the youngest performer ever at the Cavendish Beach Music Festival. She was hired to sing one set but because she was such a hit she ended up performing three times alongside of artists such as Brad Paisley, Toby Keith, Johnny Reid, Trace Adkins, George Canyon, Tanya Tucker, Ricky Skaggs and many more. In total the festival saw more than 60,000 people and she was honoured to be a part of it.

On September 16th 2011 she was also fortunate enough to have opened for award winning country music artist Charlie Major. Makayla has a personality that draws people in. Everywhere she goes she meets new people that take an instant interest in her. She has already been asked to participate in some exciting performances this summer that are yet to be announced. Everything seems to be falling into place exactly the way she has dreamed, and she has the luxury of having so much time left on her side. Big things are in the horizon!

While she has only been performing for a few years, she has a lifetime of experiences. She was a guest performer on CTV’s Christmas Daddies and closed out the show with some of television’s most well known news broadcasters. She has played in Province House, on tall ships, at fairs, weddings, festivals, exhibitions, jamborees, talent showcases, parades and many other places. She has performed at the Fox Mountain Country Music Festival, The Acadian Days Festival, The Nine Mile River Jamboree and many more. She is a regular at arenas singing the National Anthem and has sang it in front of as many as 10,000 people. Her summer of 2011 was booked solid and she loved every minute of it. She was the Grand Marshal of parades and the honoured guest at the RCMP Musical Ride. She has played many private parties and has recently been enjoying playing with live bands. She has won many talent contests including mission idol on YouTube against 40 other artists from around the world. She has won some incredible prizes including covers of magazines, scholarships and concert tickets.

Makayla Lynn’s YouTube channel has been viewed over 300,000 times and she has large followings on Facebook and Twitter as well. Because of Makayla’s young age, she is quickly developing a large fan base of both children and adults alike. She is at the prime age for social media and has developed many fans through constant interaction. She has been ranked as high as 10th most viewed Canadian Musician on You Tube.

Makayla is often told that even when she is playing alongside of country music legends, the talk is always around the 10 year old who stole the show. She has had the pleasure of meeting many of the top country music artists and many have even reached out to her to encourage her with her music career. She is often referred to as “the next big Canadian thing” by local radio stations and concert announcers. This is due to her effortless ability to play guitar, her song writing skills that can only be explained as “mature far beyond her years”, a voice that possesses the power of some of country’s best, and her beautiful looks and infectious personality.

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The following are answers to our recent interviews on Makayla’s music.

I am very inspired by many artists but especially Taylor Swift because she writes all of her own songs. Nova Scotia is such a musical province. Everywhere I go I get to meet amazing singers and songwriters. I really look up to so many of them. I am also inspired by all the musical people I am surrounded by all the time. I grew up in a musical family.

Yes I write all my own songs. I have written about 20 now and have many more bits and pieces started. I just love to write about everything that is going on around me all the time. Because I write about things that are happening in my life, I find it very easy to come up with lyrics. A lot of times a melody will just pop in my head and I think “hey that would make a great song”, then I look around and pick a topic and write a song about it.

I would just love to be able to sing and entertain people for the rest of my life. I think if I was able to do that than I would really look forward to everyday! When I go on stage I just know that that is where I am meant to be. In my heart I really feel like I am going to be able to make that happen. I have already gotten to do so much I just can’t wait to see what the future holds.

My advice would be to just do what makes you feel happy. If singing in you bedroom makes you happy than do that, if you enjoy being on stage in front of thousands of people, then do that! Always believe in yourself and in your dreams and I think if you work really hard then anything can happen!

Rocky Coast News is pleased to have MaKayla Lynn as our latest “Musician Spotlight”, where we highlight, promote up and coming musicians that have amazing vocals, sound, style and/or who are able to play an instrument well singing.